Fenesta doors


A beautiful and classic door design which is an evergreen choice, Casement door features a single sash that is hinged from the side onto a frame and can be opened on either side. It can also be offered with dual sash, usually referred to as French door. With its excellent thermal and sound insulation properties and tremendous versatility, this charming door is an ideal replacement for your wall.



Extremely energy efficient

Ample sunlight and maximum ventilation

Airtight sealing to keep out noise, dust and pollution

Attractive and durable, built to outlast

Weather and termite resistant, doesn’t fade or rust

Multi-point locking for added security

Customizable and Extremely versatile


The sliding Door is made up of two (or more) sashes that slide horizontally, to the left or right, on tracks. The doors can be made wider and taller with the addition of sashes. The sliders work on a ‘ride over’ mechanism and make most of the space, by providing unhindered access as doors do not encroach upon the room when open. Moving effortlessly and quietly, doors close smoothly with Silent System.



Customizable and Extremely versatile

Giant doors possible for large views

Multi-chamber system increases heat and sound insulation

Multi-point locking systems for enhanced security

Double and triple glass options for better insulation

Hurricane bar option to withstand storms

Rain track and sill for insulation against rain


Nothing looks – or works – better in rooms overlooking gardens and terraces. This new-generation door, designed for large openings, joins multiple sashes in a unique slide and fold mechanism. The sashes move in either direction (left or right) and can be stacked at either end. It can open from wall to wall for maximum unobstructed opening to the outside, or open partly for ventilation and access. When closed it is extremely secured and insulated, and comes across as a beautiful wall of door panels.



Contemporary and stylish with excellent aesthetics

Provides for expansive openings

Smooth to operate

Fusions welded frame and sash for strength and durability

Superior insulation against noise, rain, dust and pollution

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Multi-point locking for security


A much sought-after choice for covering large spans that link inside with outside. These stunning looking doors glide back and forth on feather touch rollers, with very little effort, and provide rich panoramic views through its expansive glass panes that come without any dividers. Incredibly smooth to operate, Lift & Slide allows for seamless integration of living or working environment into the surrounding nature, with almost no barriers, giving you a sense of amazingly wide spaces.



Trendy and stylish

Simple effortless operation

Large glass panes without dividers for clean and unobstructed view

Room looks more spacious and wider

Room looks more spacious and wider

Extremely low doorsill for hurdle free connection to the outside

Large scale glazing allows ample light and brighten ups the room


Fenesta is introducing a single door which suits all needs without compromising on performance. The Fenesta Designer door can be used in your entrance, in rooms, bathrooms, kitchens as well any other area. These doors have insert panel which is having hard skin of UPVC with core filled with foam for high insulation. The Surface can have customized design to have contemporary look. The product is also available with Fenesta Wood grain finish of Walnut, Light Oak and Mahogany foiled on Al surface with foam core for durability and performance in Indian tropical climate.



New Age wood substitute

Impart the feel of expensive wood

It doesn’t wrap, contract or expand

Retains its share and sheen for decades.

Weather and termite resistant, doesn’t fade or rust

Helps eliminating wood, prevents deforestation