Aerocon AAC Blocks – Strong and lightweight walling material
Birla Aerocon is India’s leading manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks an amazingly innovative and Green Building Material. What makes them superior are their incredible lightweight and insulation properties. About 1/3rd the density of a clay brick, they can be laid much quicker, saving time and building costs. Being more resilient to damage helps reduce wastage during transportation. These blocks offer effective & practical solutions for the current building regulations and are manufactured using the latest technologies at India’s most advanced facilities.

Birla Aerocon AAC Block Attributes

  • Lightweight
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Consistent Quality
  • High Fire Resistance
  • Durability
  • Eco friendly & Energy Saving
  • Good Sound & Thermal Insulation
  • Ease of Workability

Why Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks are Eco-friendly & Energy Saving?

  • Makes productive use of recycled industrial waste – Fly ash (by-product from Thermal power plant)
  • Non-polluting manufacturing process
  • Made of non-toxic ingredients (no toxic chemicals)
  • Does not emit gases even when they are exposed to fire (like Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, etc)
  • Low Thermal conductivity (more energy efficient)

Application  Areas

Technical Comparisons-Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks Vs Conventional Material

Technical Comparison between Birla Aerocon AAC Block Vs Clay Brick



Birla Aerocon Block Jointing Mortar is a superior water resistant cement based mortar joint especially formulated for joining Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks etc. It contains selected graded dry sand, grey cement and imported & modified polymers that make the joints stronger and smoother. Its Superbond Technology further improves workability, water retention, durability and strong adhesions to surfaces. It is also more resistant to corrosive environment than traditional jointing mortars.

Birla Aerocon Benefits

  • High Strength
  • Reduces Wastage
  • Super Bond Technology
  • Faster ConstructionHigh
  • Economical
  • No water percolation
  • No Heat loss

Traditional Mortar

 10mm Joint Thickness  
  Water Curing is required
Inconsistent Product / Work Quality
More Wastage/Difficult Site Control

Block Jointing Mortar

3mm Joint Thickness   
 Water Curing is not required  
Consistent Product / Work Quality
Less Wastage/Easy Site Control

Technical Comparison between Birla Aerocon Block Jointing Mortar Vs Conventional Mortar

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Aerocon Panels – Drywall substitute panels for fast-track construction
  • Excellent substitute for drywalls.
  • Pre-cured. Simple Installation. Save up to 80% of construction time.
  • Build partitions, prefabricated structures and mezzanine floors.
  • Certified green by IGBC and Griha.