Parador Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is durable, promotes healthy living and is extremely easy to care for – ideal for use in a variety of residential areas. The wide selection of decors, formats and surface structures allows a very individual room design with contemporary looks and an authentic feel for a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

A sense of space with system

We understand high-quality floors in a holistic way: the
perfect interplay of all elements underlines the systemic
principles that set Parador apart. Our accessories
continue in the design and quality of the high-quality
line of laminate flooring down to the last detail. Skirting
boards, end caps, underlays and the perfect care make
your floor what it really is: the stage of your life.

Good reasons for parador


We live for products that make every home the most beautiful home in the world. Our value compass points the way: Innovative, sustainable and ecological, we are committed to the highest quality standards in all aspects of our company. In the process we always keep our feet on the ground – the basis of our success.


In order to make laying by hand simple and effective, Parador offers intelligent click connections or high-quality adhesive systems that ensure long-term stability, depending on the product. From use in damp rooms to the integration of underfloor heating, flooring from Parador provides the perfect solution in premium quality for every context.

Inspiration and Design

The contemporary design of our floors is influenced by the latest trends from art, design, architecture and lifestyle. This inspiration is taken up by our design team, which transforms them into innovative and special looks that turn our products into trendsetters of living space design with an outstanding ecological balance.

Healthy living

The production of environmentally friendly products is a key concern for us and is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. Our floors promote healthy living, are low-emission and create a pleasant living environment. We mainly use natural raw materials which are subject to constant review.

Quality & Materiality

Parador offers aesthetic flooring concepts for every application, which are produced from high quality and recyclable materials. An authentic look, functional design and the environmentally friendly selection of materials enable the implementation of sophisticated “Made in Germany and Austria” living ideas.


As a traditional wood processing company, the high regard for the environment is the foundation of our work. For this reason, we want to set standards in all aspects of ecologically responsible production – from raw materials to finished products to logistics.

Parador laminate flooring offers a huge range of decors and thereby makes every living requirement a reality. Thanks to their authentic surfaces the decors give every room a completely individual, natural touch and are at the same time extremely durable and easy to maintain. Discover the unique world of the high-performance Parador laminate flooring in the Basic, Classic and Trendtime lines.


Those who are price-conscious yet don’t want to forgo quality will find in the Basic line a convincing selection of attractive laminate floors for a beautiful home.


Uncompromising in quality, classic in design and universally applicable: the Classic line is created for people with high design and quality requirements.


Impressing everyone for whom flooring is a statement, the Trendtime line offers a unique design range for trend-conscious set-up at the highest level.


Features & Benefits


  • Suitable for everyday use and easy care.
  • Core board with enhanced swelling protection.
  • Stable thanks to Safe Lock® PRO click connection.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.

Basic 200

2-strip / 3-strip (L 1285 x W 194 x H 7 mm)

Basic 200

Wide plank (L 1285 x W 194 x H 7 mm)

Basic 400

2-strip / 3-strip (L 1285 x W 194 x H 8 mm)

Basic 400

Wide plank (L 1285 x W 194 x H 8 mm)

Basic 600

Broad wide plank (L 1285 x W 243 x H 8 mm)


Features & Benefits


  • Microscratch-resistant and durable.
  • Suitable for damp rooms*.
  • Enhanced antistatic.
  • Stable thanks to Safe Lock® PRO click connection.
  • Authentic look and feel.
  • Large product range and design variety.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Wear class (commercial) WC 33**.

Classic 1050

2-strip / 3-strip (L 1285 x W 194 x H 8 mm)

Classic 1050

Wide plank (L 1285 x W 194 x H 8 mm)

Classic 1070

Wide plank (L 1285 x W 194 x H 9 mm)


Features & Benifits

  • Microscratch-resistant and durable.
  • Suitable for damp rooms*
  • Enhanced antistatic.
  • Stable thanks to Safe Lock® PRO click connection**
  • Authentic look and feel.
  • Large product range and design variety.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.

Trendtime 1

Longstrip (L 1285 x W 158 x H 8 mm)

Trendtime 1/3

Longstrip (L 1285 x W 158 x H 8 mm) / Herringbone (L 858 x W 143 x H 8 mm)

Trendtime 4

Large format (L 1285 x B 400 x H 8 mm)

Trendtime 5

Tile look (L 638 x W 330 x H 8 mm)

Trendtime 6

Chateau plank (L 2200 x W 243 x H 9 mm)

Trendtime 8

Extra-wide plank (L 1285 x W 330 x H 8 mm)

Skirting boards and caps

Parador offers a wide range of optically matching skirting boards for a harmonious look for any decor. Alternatively, the colours stainless steel, white and black or a primed surface for the individual colour scheme allow the possibility for deliberate accentuation.

Depending on the condition of the substrate (masonry), clip or glue joints can be used for optimum wall mounting. Parador skirting boards are prepared for easy installation: with a clip system or groove for adhesive mounting. Interior and exterior corners as well as end caps and transition caps hide saw cuts and make mitre cuts unnecessary. Simply perfect!


Combine profiles from Parador, bridge and create finishes for a floor aesthetic that is perfect in every respect. As transition profiles, combine high floor coverings and expansion joints. Adapting profiles are used for the transition between different high floor coverings. End profiles create clean borders with tiles, sleepers and French windows.

Aluminium profile

Aluminum profiles in anodised silver or stainless steel ensure successful transitions from room to room, connect floor coverings of different heights and ensure clean finishes and provide elegant and skillful accents.

3-in-1 HDF profile laminate flooring

With the innovative 3-in-1 HDF profile laminate flooring harmony succeeds with perfection. Can be universally used as a transition, adapting or end profile and being absolutely identical in decor and texture to the laminate floor, it ensures a particularly harmonious floor pattern.


Parador offers the perfect solution for every application: the underlay smooths out small unevenness in the ground and at the same time offers high compressive strength. With an integrated vapour barrier the right underlay ensures the required moisture protection in the case of mineral substrates.

Whether a high-tech solution or pure natural product made of wood fibres: underlays from really emphasise the quality of the floor covering.

The Parador programme for laminate flooring
The large variety of Parador laminate flooring decors makes every housing dream become reality. And more: depending on individual requirements for living comfort, healthy living and design exclusivity, the Parador customer – with Parador laminate flooring, Eco Balance laminate flooring and the Parador series of editions by international designers – receives an extraordinary offer for inspiration and the realisation of very personal space requirements.
Laminate flooring – modern, versatile and renovation-friendly, Parador laminate flooring makes every living dream become reality with its huge product range and format diversity.
Eco Balance laminate flooring – particularly resource-saving, promoting healthy living and being low-allergenic, Eco Balance laminate flooring meets the highest environmental standards and also impresses with its large range of decors.
Edition – individual floor designs from Parador in cooperation with reputable designers, setting new standards for the expression of special value and creativity.
Certified security from responsibility
As a brand manufacturer, Parador is fully and continuously certified by independent institutions. Production processes, materials, resource and environmental management, as well as product quality, meet the high corporate values of a brand with responsibility, in addition to the legal requirements. Our quality requirement for laminate flooring goes beyond legal requirements, which is proved by the various certifications.