Sounds are a quintessential part of our everyday life. Everything from the music we listen to, the conversations we have with people on and off the phone, the dogs barking, and the constant honking on busy roads during traffic; we are surrounded by all kinds of sounds. These very sounds are cherished when they are rhythmic, whereas an excess of it in complete dissonance can make the sanest of persons go crazy! That brings us to how noise pollution is caused and its effect on the quality of people’s lives in the current times.

By definition, noise pollution occurs when there is a disturbingly large amount of noise or unpleasant sounds that begin to cause a temporary disruption in the balance of nature. These disturbances can be caused by a variety of instances, the most prominent of them being:


Most industries make use of large and heavy machinery that creates a gargantuan amount of noise. Apart from those elephantine machines, there is smaller equipment like generators, exhaust fans, compressors, and grinding mills that contribute to noise pollution. Sometimes, these noises penetrate our houses and make it incredibly difficult to reside comfortably. This is why soundproof windows are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Construction Activities

Construction activities such as mining and the construction of dams, bridges, buildings, flyovers, stations, and roads are rigorously happening throughout the world. Construction at this scale takes place daily to cater to the need for more buildings and bridges to accommodate the rising number of people and to reduce the congestion in traffic. Sadly, this construction also results in significant noise pollution that occurs in the world right now.

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The quantum of vehicles on the road, aeroplanes on the airport and subway trains produce a lot of noise that people find difficult getting accustomed to. These high and sharp noises can cause severe damage to a person’s hearing ability. To tackle this menace, the latest doors and windows that are being designed for modern homes can help keep these sounds at bay to ensure a peaceful stay at your home.

Social Events

Noise at social events is at its peak, be it at marriages, pubs, discos, parties or even at places of worship. Many a time people flout the set rules and create nuisances affecting the serenity of the entire area. Playing songs on high volumes and people dancing till late nights causes great discomfort to the people within the neighbourhood. Besides that, you can also observe people in markets that use loud noises as a strategy to increase the traction of customers. These unhealthy practices have caused several health issues to those who live in and around that environment. Thank goodness for high quality glass windows that are soundproof and available for installation in homes.
Noise pollution may have seemed harmless for a very long time, but its consequences are far-reaching, to say the least. The toll that noise pollution takes on humans and other living species is too great to be left unchecked. Some of the things that we can do at our end to ensure healthy living are the inclusion of the latest soundproof doors and windows in our houses to keep the debilitating effects of noise pollution at bay.